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Confide’s self-destructing messages now on Android

Posted: 24 Apr 2014 09:51 PM PDT

In a world where the likes of the Heartbleed bug threatens digital security, one can't be sure if the things they send out remain as private as they want it to be. Confide is a former iOS-exclusive app that aims to address just that by providing their users with an encrypted way of sending messages and email.

Confide app

“Spoken words disappear after they're heard. But what you say online remains forever. With confidential messages that self-destruct, Confide takes you off the record.”

To read a message, the user has to swipe the words one by one to reveal them. Once the finger already passes over a word, it vanishes once again. The reason behind this is so that performing a screenshot will be hard from the end of the person reading your message. In any case a screenshot is made, the app notifies the sender. In addition, Confide tells you exactly when and what time the recipient has read your message.

As you've probably noticed, Confide is a lot like the famous Snapchat app, only minus the naked selfies. It uses an end-to-end encryption system to assure its users of a secured service.

Confide has been available to iOS since January and has already received praises from users world-wide. The company announces that they're now on Android, too, and that in fact the Android version is currently faster than its iOS counterpart. Lastly, Confide is compatible with devices running Gingerbread onwards, which means a lot of Android users can use this messaging app to either send a secret message to a lover, plan a surprise party, or close deals with business partners.

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Samsung launches Curved Ultra High-Definition Smart TV

Posted: 24 Apr 2014 09:45 PM PDT

Samsung Electronics Philippines introduced its 2014 entertainment product lineup yesterday including its latest TV model – the Curved Ultra High-Definition (UHD) Smart TV.

samsung curved uhdtv_1

Ultra High-Def Smart TVs are popping out everywhere from different brands but Samsung takes it up a notch by producing a model that comes with a curved screen coupled with advanced display technology.

samsung curved uhdtv_2

Samsung’s Curved UHDTV lineup comes with the following features:

• Curved screen for better viewing angles compared to conventional UHD TVs.

• Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer for a greater sense of depth and gives a 3D-like effect without requiring glasses.

UHD Upscaling – converts lower resolution content closer to UHD picture quality and clarity.

Purcolor technology – reproduces a wide range of colors that are close to nature as possible.

• Other specs – Multi-Links Screen (dual-screen), Smart Hub, Quad Core + CPU, built-in WiFi, built-in camera, and HDMI.

samsung curved uhdtv_3

The new Curved UHD Smart TV (HU9000) is available in 78-inches, 65-inches, and 55-inches in all Samsung outlets nationwide with a price range starting from Php300,000 to Php500,000.

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Globe kicks off Prepaid On-The-Go Great Gadget Sale

Posted: 24 Apr 2014 07:28 PM PDT

Globe Telecoms is holding the Globe Prepaid On-The-Go Great Gadget Sale wherein subscriber can get as much as 90% when they trade their old gadgets or use Globe Reward Points to purchase their new device.

Consumers can select from a wide variety of devices from various brands, both international (such as Samsung, Nokia and Sony) and local brands. Some of the devices that are up for grabs include the Sony Z1 Compact, LG G2 Mini and the Nokia Lumia 625.

In addition to the discount, consumers are also eligible for a free 2-month subscription to PowerSurf 299 (300MB/month) when they purchase a unit during the promo period.

Speaking of promo period, the Globe Prepaid On-The-Go Great Gadget Sale starts today and will run until Sunday, April 27. You can check out their booth at the TriNoma Activity Center from 10am-10pm.

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#TBT: Iter Avto, the first in-car navigation device

Posted: 24 Apr 2014 06:39 AM PDT

Long before humans thought of putting satellites in space and use them for GPS tracking, there's this device called the Iter Avto which aid drivers to navigate their way around the block.

Invented in the 1930's, the Iter Avto comes with a set of paper maps that were rolled inside its fairly large body. It is then connected to the car's speedometer which basically dictates the pace in which the Iter Avto scrolls the maps to show the approximate location of the driver.

Unfortunately, despite of its bulky frame, the Iter Avto can only accommodate a certain number of maps. This means that when a driver needs to veer away from the road that's currently being display, he/she needs to swap the map with the appropriate one and determine where they are on the map in order to proceed.

Apart from what was mentioned above, little is known about the origins of the Iter Avto, who invented it and which cars were equipped with it. This is probably because the device didn't really take off because cars, in general, were still too costly for most people back then.

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Copy text from images using this browser extension

Posted: 24 Apr 2014 03:51 AM PDT

You can now easily highlight, copy, and translate text from any image in the web using this browser extension. Meet Project Naptha.

Copying text normally found on webpages is easy to do. Just do a few mouse clicks, a keyboard shortcut, and you’re good to go. However, that’s not the case when you’re dealing with text that are embedded on images like comics, screenshots, or memes. Project Naptha aims to provide you that convenience by allowing you to copy text from any images the way you would with normal text.

one does not simply meme

Project Naptha is a browser extension that “automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web.” Just hover your pointer over the words you want to copy and it will change into the I-cursor. From there you can highlight, copy, edit, or even erase the text from the image.

project naptha_example

Unfortunately, Project Naptha only works on Google Chrome as of the moment. If you want to give it a try just download the extension here.


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Samsung holds Galaxy S5 Trade-In Promo

Posted: 23 Apr 2014 10:53 PM PDT

Mark your calendars folks as Samsung Mobile Philippines will be holding a 2-day trade-in promo on April 26 & 27 at the Galaxy Studio in SM Megamall where you can swap your old device to a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5.

As with their previous campaign, a team of Samsung reps will be present during the event to assess the device that a consumer is trading. The discount price will be determined based on the model of the device being traded, as well as its current condition.

Do note that not all phones/tablets are eligible for this trade-in promo, so be sure to click on each of the thumbnails below to see if your device is on the list.

In addition to the price-off Samsung Galaxy S5, consumers are also entitled to a Php2,000 discount for the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit and Php500 off on Samsung accessory when they purchased the phone during the promo period.

Lastly, BDO, BPI, Citibank and HSBC credit card users can also take advantage of 12-month, 0% interest when they use their card to purchase the handset.

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